The American Australian Council is deeply committed to organizing and supporting relevant and impactful programs that broaden and deepen interpersonal and policy networks.

A time-honored special channel of trust and close relationship has been established that spans the globe.   The AAC Board, foundational members, supporters, and active participants join together to reinforce and expand this channel through programs and activities.

Our close alignment with the Australian Embassy in Washington, consuls general throughout the U.S., key government officials in both the United States and Australia, allow us to curate our activities so that program formats encourage substantive and meaningful exchanges that focus on what is most relevant and impactful to participants.

Off-The-Record Meetings

The AAC hosts private and off-the-record exchanges between leaders and stakeholders of Australia and the United States in a manner designed to reinforce close relations, enhance alignment, mutually share information, and provide constructive inputs to policy makers.


Missions from Australia

The AAC regularly organizes meetings for visiting Australian officials with leading United States officials and stakeholders.


Missions to Australia

The AAC organizes leadership visits to Australia organized around various sectors or issues, for instance defense & security, technology, trade (TPP, RCEP and other), mining and resources and agriculture.



In addition to hosting its own events, the Board of the AAC regularly coordinates with other like minded organizations to promote bilateral ties between Australia and the United States.



The AAC is a key resource for identifying and interpreting information regarding key developments in core aspects of the bilateral relationship.