The American Australian Council is composed of individuals and companies who are committed to advancing and enhancing relations between the United States and Australia. Membership inquiries may be directed to Chairman Barry Jackson or any American Australian Council Board Member.

Chairman’s Leadership Council

American Australian Council Lockheed Martin

“Australia and the United States have an unwavering friendship, founded on our common efforts to promote peace, prosperity, and democratic values around the world.”

– US Department of State

Ernie 325“Australia understands and has fully internalized what most countries in Asia have come to conclude, namely that a strong and capable US security presence is a fundamental foundation for regional security. That security, in turn, is linked to and necessary for expanding economic growth and integration.”

-Ernest Z. Bower, Vice-Chairman, American Australian Council

obama 325“I thank you for the honor of standing in this great chamber to reaffirm the bonds between the United States and the Commonwealth of Australia, two of the world’s oldest democracies and two of the world’s oldest friends.”

– President Barack Obama speaking at Parliament House


Our Members are leaders who are dedicated to promoting the American-Australian relationship.