Danielle Pletka

dany 325Danielle Pletka

Board Member, American Australian Council

Senior Vice President
American Enterprise Institute

Danielle Pletka was a longtime US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations senior professional staff member for the Near East and South Asia. In that role, she was the point person on Middle East, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan issues. As the senior vice president for foreign and defense policy studies at AEI, Ms. Pletka writes on national security matters with a focus on Iran and weapons proliferation, the Middle East, Syria, Israel, and the Arab Spring. She also studies and writes about South Asia (Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan). She is the coeditor of “Dissent and Reform in the Arab World: Empowering Democrats” (AEI Press, 2008) and the coauthor of “Containing and deterring a nuclear Iran” (AEI, 2011) and “Iranian influence in the Levant, Egypt, Iraq, and Afghanistan” (AEI, 2012). Her most recent study, “America vs. Iran: The competition for the future of the Middle East,” was published by AEI in January 2014.

While Australia is fully part of Asia, it’s also an integral part of the anglosphere and a vital partner to the United States. Politically, economically, and militarily, Australia always punches above its weight, and the relationship remains one of our most important in the world.